Made for the  Mix and Game Jam 2019, this project takes the 3D, asymmetric fun of the Titanfall games and puts it into 2D. While the Titanfall games are known for the player being able to summon then hop into a mech mid-match, my game, Pie Tin Fallsees the player going into giant pie plates to roll-around as a force of destruction.


A 2D jump-and-shoot similar to Mega-Man, but made into an almost online shooter environment (Except the other players are all bots) while still being 2D. You play as a strawberry going against a team of blueberries, all armed with advanced jam blasters on their arms. Nothing like putting actual jam into your game jam submission!


Help your team achieve the most amount of points by the end of the timer or the end of the score cap. Dealing damage and getting kills against normal enemies with your jam blaster will yield you points which then can be spent on summoning the might Pie Tin. Be quick, though! As an empty Pie Tin can be claimed by an enemy as well.


Left Mouse ButtonShoot
Return KeyEnter / Exit Pie Tin
P keySummon Pie Tin

Jam Theme:

I really dug the theme this jam and wish I could have taken it further. I really wanted to capture that feeling of power you get when you pilot a Titan while also recognizing its tradeoffs. In Titanfall, the Titans are big and can't get into smaller areas. I replicated this in my 2D environment by making some ceilings that are too low for a pie to roll through. I also enjoy the way the Titan and Pilot sync in combat. The Pilot can't hit as hard but is hard to hit, and the Titan is opposite. In my game, the pie has a lot of health and can do lots of damage, but is an easy target compared to the small and quick fruits.


Music from
"Welcome to the Show" by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (

Extra sound effects provided by the YouTube Sound Library.

2D pathfinding assisted by the A* Pathfinding package.

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